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By Scott Millman on 3/30/2014 8:16 AM
So I have been asked a number of times lately what it was like to play professional golf and why I ended up in the steel business and as a golf instructor. Both were easy answers, it’s the follow up question I am having a hard time with: Why not try it again?  People hear the passion and desire in my voice and always ask why not follow your dream, what’s stopping you? That one was much tougher to answer, but I tried. I offered the following: I am 40 - oops just celebrated 43 years - with one major back surgery and one minor knee surgery. I have a full time job and a second one as a hobby...2 kids, a wife, and a dog with little time to train. To which I get in return: excuses, excuses. Then they go on about this athlete or that athlete that has overcome amazing obstacles. If that’s not enough, they have countless stories of accomplishments both in life and in business overcoming...
By Scott Millman on 3/19/2014 10:37 AM
One of the more frequent questions I get is from golfers who have been working on their swings diligently but just can't seem to make any progress. They have tried different drills, different clubs and have even switched instructors several times hoping one of them can give them that one magic tip or move to help them get over the hump. What many fail to realize is that the problem may not be the instructor, your clubs or the drills. It may simply be that you are physically unable to perform the movement. Let me explain. Most if not all of us lack the time and ability to workout, stretch and keep our body's in tip top golf shape. We sit a computers for long periods of time, we have injuries, some recent some from a long time ago. We have lost flexibility as well. With that being said we can only ask our bodies to do so much before it makes compensations or it simply prevents us from making the swing we think we are capable of making.

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