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Mar 30

Written by: Scott Millman
3/30/2014 8:16 AM  RssIcon

So I have been asked a number of times lately what it was like to play professional golf and why

I ended up in the steel business and as a golf instructor. Both were easy answers, it’s the follow

up question I am having a hard time with: Why not try it again?

 People hear the passion and desire in my voice and always ask why not follow your dream,

what’s stopping you? That one was much tougher to answer, but I tried. I offered the following:

I am 40 - oops just celebrated 43 years - with one major back surgery and one minor knee

surgery. I have a full time job and a second one as a hobby...2 kids, a wife, and a dog with little

time to train. To which I get in return: excuses, excuses. Then they go on about this athlete

or that athlete that has overcome amazing obstacles. If that’s not enough, they have countless

stories of accomplishments both in life and in business overcoming huge mountains. I myself

have quoted some of those same stories to students or pointed out why they can, not why they

can’t or shouldn’t.


So it got me to thinking, what would it take for a 40 something who has been out of competitive

golf for nearly 20 years, has a family, and full time job to make a run at the PGA Tour? Let’s

face it most of us have thought about it, many of us said we could do it if money wasn’t a factor

or we had the time, etc….But honestly what would it take and could it be done? Could your

average, talented, low-handicap golfer with high desire and a supporting family, who leads an

average everyday extremely busy life, make it? Well if anyone knows of a few good sponsors

willing to take a chance I would be game to try.

Think of the blogs, books, and media attention that could be had. I always impress upon the

people I work with that the only limits are the ones you place on yourself. That anything is

achievable if you believe. Not just a fake belief but the deep in the core, gut wrenching feeling

that I can do this. I will succeed. Be positive, follow your heart and trust your instincts and by

all means never give up. Every failure is not a failure but an opportunity to learn, to grow, to get

better. Keep that in mind as you strive to improve both on and off the golf course.

 For now my dream will remain a dream; but wouldn’t it make a great story……

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