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Millman Nor Restrictions Golf Foundation - NRG

The Millman N.R.G. Foundation, No Restrictions Golf’s mission is to increase participation of people with disabilities in the game of golf while transforming lives by providing a therapeutic approach to golf by creating a program for persons of all ages, disabilities, economic backgrounds, along with inner-city youth, disadvantaged and under-privileged youth; while assisting them with their emotional, cognitive, physical and social development. Through the game of golf, individuals with disabilities derive health benefits that improve quality of life.

The Foundation asserts that all individuals are entitled to play the game of golf regardless of their ability, socio-economic condition or experience. Information about the benefits of golf for persons with disabilities and the golf industry must be constantly shared with the media, public, health professionals, rehabilitation, recreation and golf professionals.

Golf is the viable means by which an individual can rejoin life to its fullest activity, social opportunities and fun.






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